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Winter Media Campaign

Explode onto the commerce scene this New Year with DC Media’s #1 Biz Hack: How to Become Irresistible to Your Customers on Social Media in 2019 - A Comprehensive Media Guide.


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We’re always getting asked who does our social media. We get new patients from it, even at conferences we are getting asked who is behind our marketing. One of our best employees applied here after seeing our viral video. It’s so cool what DC has done for us.
The Crusaders have been my social media team, mentors, and spiritual advisors for my startup! I can’t say enough great things about the quality they deliver and the passion they bring. They really understand client service and integrate your voice into their approach.
The mix of intelligence, natural talent, and drive is what makes Digital Crusaders good, but it is their unyielding commitment to serve their clients and act in their best interest that makes Digital Crusaders great. This team is one of the best I’ve encountered.



We welcome open collaboration with clients to develop customized, insanely powerful digital marketing solutions.

We use brand storytelling, photography, video, and social media to develop creative digital campaigns that impact the world.


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About Us

Our Names are Kaylyn, Kimberly, & Katie

The three of us began working together after meeting over a mutual love of creative marketing….on the internet. Collaborating across 3 time zones, we’ve got Kaylyn in Ohio, Kimberly in Missouri, and Katie in California. The real kicker: we’ve never met in person! Cool right? The internet is crazy powerful! Are you leveraging the power of web connections & digital media to explode sales in your business? It’s what we are uber passionate about, and how we operate every single day! Let us put our creative marketing genius + our ridiculously good community-building skills to good use for your business.

XO - Kaylyn, Kimberly, Katie